Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Busy Day

I had a very busy day today. This morning our dog, Bobby, came into my bedroom and was gasping for air and he was very restless. I called my husband. We were very anxious. Our cat, Danny died of a snakebite a couple of months ago and we immediately thought this is what happened to Bobby. Hubby rushed him to the Vet. R916 later Bobby got home. He had a big piece of wood stuck in his mouth, between his teeth. Shame, they had to tranquilise him to work in his mouth. He is fine now, he has to drink pills for the pain. We had a big scare.

Then I went to the hairdresser and had a cut and highlites.

After having tea, I went to my sewingroom and started on Half square triangles. I will post my progress.

HST in progress

This is my One Flower Wednesday post.
I also finished a small pencilcase that I started while om holiday. Isn't the material gorgeous??  I want to show you the magazine I ordered from my favourite internet shop "Fat quarter shop" in Australia. It is the new work of Leanne Beasley and a very specail piece.
This is my Xmas gift to myself. A bag of course!!!!!!
Tomorrow I have the commitee of our quild at my house and my dearest and only daughter burned all the muffins she had to bake. I must admit that there is something wrong with our oven. Hope someone brings something nice to eat.

I am off to bed now. Have a wonderful day tomorrow.


  1. Hello Zelda, thank goodness Bobby is okay, what a shock and the vet bill also! What a shame your muffins burnt, they cook so quickly, many times I have forgotten they were in the oven and burnt mine!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow, it is already Wednesday morning here in Australia. I also love the Fat Quarter Shop and recently ordered Blackbird Designs Antique Fair and Primitive Muslin, I am using them for my Flower Garden...All the best, Ann

  2. Beautiful hexie flowers and I love your new bag!
    Hope Bobby is feeling much better today.

  3. Love your flowers!!! And, poor little Bobby!


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sue spargo
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