Friday, November 12, 2010

Friend forever♥

This is one of my favourite quilts. My dear friend, Marieta , made it for me while visiting her son in America. She made everything by hand.
I value my friends a lot. But I try to be a 100% friend, therefore I expect  a 100% friend.
I hope to be your friend...♥
Have a wonderful weekend,with lots of time for quilting. Oh dear, I will be spending mine with my son, helping him to study for exams. zzzzzzzzzzz


  1. hi Zelda, I read about you blogging at Supergoofs. Love what you're showing. I'm mostly a cross stitcher, but quilting comes in second place. I've become a follower, I love to read from someone in South Africa. (I'm Dutch).

  2. Dear Zelda, I understand what you mean about friendship, and having such friends are treasures in this life!
    I really like your quilt, and Marieta, congratulations on such beautiful work!
    I hope to be your friend, too, Zelda!


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sue spargo
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